Early Orthodontic Treatment – When Is the Right Time to Start?

On certain types of tooth malocclusion, it is best to start when a growth of abnormality is recognized. Early treatment, usually begins after the four permanent upper and lower teeth have shown (ages 7-9) specially when the first molars are also in full eruption.

Timely treatment may provide certain advantages like: improvement of upper and lower jaws, allowing normal future growth and development, enhancement of facial appearance and self-esteem, prevent unfavorable oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, nail and lip biting), avoid and reduce the need for the removal of permanent teeth and many other benefits.

Patients who have a skeletal problem whether a protrusion or retrusion of either the upper and lower jaw, open and deep bite with palatal impingement, narrow arch and congenital abnormalities, moderate to severe crowding, patients with “gummy” smile, lip incompetency,large spacing in between teeth are some of the cases that calls for early intervention. They should be seen by a dentist practicing orthodontics.

It is a standard procedure that they have to avail of the necessary x-rays (panoramic and cephalometric), model casts and intra oral and extra oral photos to determine and provide the comprehensive diagnosis on the patient’s case.

Treatment usually takes 6 to 12 months and a variety of appliances may be used to intervene on specific problems.

Successful results can be achieved if problems are detected early. One should take advantage of the benefits and the affordability of orthodontic treatment today.